Unable to enter car after game crash

  1. Date: 16 May 2020

  2. Time: 01:17

  3. Detailed description of what happened: Game crashed, upon reconnecting my car was still in the same spot but when pressing the lock/unlock key, it only says “Car locked” and not unlocked. I am also unable to enter the car. When attempting to get in the car from any door my character freezes in place for a moment, then returns to a standing position and the door closes itself. Cycling the lock key has no effect on this. Relogging also has no effect, the car remains in the same place.

  4. Are you able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Yes

  5. Is someone else able to reproduce it? (Y/N): (Unknown)

  6. Please provide the steps to reproduce the bug:
    a. Step #1: Crash-disconnect while in drivers’ seat of car (engine off)
    b. Step #2:
    c. Step #3:
    d. *Please add more steps as needed

  7. Evidence:frozencar
    a. *Screenshots/video showing the bug and how to reproduce it.

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