Tony's Auto Wrecker

Join an industry leader. Are you ready for a job that lets you put your knowledge and mechanical skills to work each and every time a customer trusts you with his or her vehicle? More than just a job, but a step toward a career that lets you instantly see the results of your hard work to exceed customer expectations, working with a like-minded team of people dedicated to getting it done right and well? A position at Tony’s Auto Wrecker® could be the perfect fit.

While working at Tony’s, you can add to your set of skills and certifications, advancing your career and reputation as a trustworthy automotive service professional even more. Our new location is reaching beyond traditional mechanic services to offer our customers engine, brake, transmission, tire, alignment and suspension maintenance and repairs, expanding the variety of jobs you might face on any given day. Plus you’ll be working with one of the most reputable companies in the business, one consistently looking for career minded customer service professionals.

If you are dynamic, driven and achievement oriented, apply today!

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Owner: Anthony Castellucio, 555-000357
Tow Driver: Lilly Barker, 555-001873


Route 68, Joshua Road
Harmony, SA

Business accredited by the FTC since 10/01/2019

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Good afternoon. I would like to know if this job offer is valid?
Thank you.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With regards to that reply. I believe this business has now shut down sadly…
Do feel free to get in contact with the FTC direct and find out any possbile live opportunities.

N. Pedrov SASP

Thank you very much for the quick answer.
Excuse me for bothering you again. In that directory, will I find job offers? or just the numbers to buy the services?
Thank you.



To whom it may concern,

Feel free to browse the other Job Board listings and take advantage of The Yellow Pages to contact employers directly in order to inquire upon employment.

Chairman Calogero Coniglio