Title: Player Report - Unknown

Player you are reporting: Unknown

Date of incident: 6/16/2020

Time of incident (EST): 05:55ish EST

Your in-game name: Dwayne MacHugh

Other witnesses: N/A

Has there been a attempt to contact the reported player (Yes/No): No

Rule Broken (Server Rules):
I) Always Provide/Prioritize RP
VI) Deathmatching

How was the rule broken?: I had just returned to Customs on Carcer in a black Stratum P#22SOO110. I came in from the south entrance off Carcer Way. I was coming in i saw a person in a black jacket with the hood over his head jump over the wall from the adjacent alley. I slowed down and he moved across the parking lot towards the garbage cans. I drove behind/past him and parked in front of the shop. I sat in my car and called out to the 6 people on the radio with me that “someone was at the shop and that a bike had been moved and parked on the front walkway”. At this time the person pulled a gun, aimed it at me, did a roll and took a shot at me, striking me. I aimed from the car and took 2 or 3 shots back, hitting him once in my eyes. At this time he started to go up the ladder on the side of the shop and i got out of the car and hid behind it. I aimed at the roof, he peeked his head, aimed his gun and i shot him again, he then moved backwards on the roof and started to climb the ladder to the second rooftop, at this time i took two more shots, i believe hitting him, he then appeared to fall from the ladder and vanish. People came to help me a few min later and went directly to the top roof and there was no sign of him. There was a pool of blood at the bottom of the ladder as well.

Evidence: My injury