Title: Player Report - atlgas404

Player you are reporting: atlgas404

Date of incident: 6/26/2020

Time of incident (EST): 13:40 EST

Your in-game name: Dwayne MacHuge

Other witnesses: Kushman, ^8Jay

Has there been a attempt to contact the reported player (Yes/No): Sort of tried to explain situation IC.

Rule Broken (Server Rules): I) Always Provide/Prioritize RP

How was the rule broken?: Drove past myself and 2 others outside the shop, Ads had been placed, i shouted as he drove 2 feet past me, “whats up bud, need some help?”. He continued into the garage and repaired the vehicle himself and started to back out. I walked up to his truck and said “uhhhh, we’re open and i could of taken care of that for you?” he replied that he was in a rush.

Evidence: N/A

We asked him not to do the same thing at CoC yesterday. then today the same thing pulls past the three of us and uses local. dude is nice but man