Skinny Dick's Towing, LLC / Towing

Business Name: Skinny Dick’s Towing, LLC
Business Category: Towing, Recovery, Roadside Assist, and Vehicle Transport.
Business Description : Skinny Dick’s Towing is dedicated to providing high quality towing, recovery, roadside assist, and vehicle transport services to private and public parties including, but not limited to all counties, municipalities, cities, towns, boroughs, and villages within the great state of San Andreas in an environmentally sound, cost-effective manner.

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CEO: Richard Hare 555-000048
Operations Manager: Gorden Smith 555-000076
Operator: John “JJ” Meranaly 555-002305
Operator. John Butler 555-004502
Operator: Stephanie Lewis 555-004482
Operator: Jerry Cannuis 555-004485


Skinny Dick’s Towing, LLC will be continually looking for and hiring employees. If interested please fill out the form listed above.