SASP Complaint - 05/19/2020

Character Name: Gingy Martelli
Date of Incident: 05/19/2020
Witnesses: Trooper Mallard, and one other officer who showed up but i couldn’t get a badge.
Description: On this day, I was walking around Los Santos like i usually do enjoying the weather, I had walked past a gas station where a group of locals were standing. One of them proceeded to walk in front of me before i could move which prompted me to accidentally push him. Well apparently the group of them (there were 6 of them) had been packing heat and they all proceeded to shoot at me, well i began running but was shot so i couldn,t run as fast anymore. I then decided to hide behind a wall where they all found me and started shooting, in fear of my life i began firing back to defend myself. Thats when trooper mallard pulled up, parked next to us and began WATCHING me get shot at instead of doing his job and defending a citizen from locals who were trying to kill me. When asked about it his response was, “well if i shot they’d get riled up at me.” I was then arrested for defending myself, which has now given me a felony. Apparently my life isnt worth saving but it is worth arresting after i have to defend myself from 6 armed locals

This is Lt. Colonel Baker from the SASP Command Staff. Thank you for coming forward. This will be handled internally within the department. Please if you have any questions let me know. If I have any questions I will reach out to you.
Lt. Colonel Baker
SASP Command

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I appreciate you finally replying, if you do have any questions please let me know