SASP Complaint - 03/08/2020

SASP Complaint - Troopers Manning “ 03/08/2020

Character name : Maddox Stonewall
Date of Incident : 03/38/2020
Witnesses : Both responding officers claim to have body cam footage that contradicts my statements, but my medical treatments, and dashcam footage prove my case.

Deputy : Manning
Evidence :
Pt. 1 -
Pt. 2 -
Pt. 3 -
Detailed Description :While I was enjoying a few beers at the Yellowjack, someone on Bleeter asked where everyone was at. I responded I was at the Yellowjack attempting to learn darts. After 5-10 minutes, Mr. Manning arrived in an unmarked cruiser while my friend was outside. She came in a few minutes later and informed me that he had bumped into my van and was checking it out. I went outside to check on it and saw it looked fine from the door. Returning to darts, I remembered I needed gas in the van, so I went outside. Mr. Manning was still parked outside at this point. I then hopped in the van and drove down to the gas station in Harmony. As I pulled in, I noticed the same cruiser following me and he then pulled into the next gas station a hundred yards up the road or so. As soon as I left, he left as well. I did a loop around the “round-about” just off the Senora FWY and sure enough, the officer followed me around it, following me till I parked up at the Yellowjack again. I noticed he pulled off and sat across the road to the west a bit. When I decided it was time to leave the establishment, I noticed now two troopers parked across the street from the parking lot on the north side. While driving away, near the same gas station Mr. Manning pulled into, I pulled off at because I had just heard sirens go off. After a brief wait I saw lights appear in my rearview, and noticed they were trying to pull me over. After a short conversation, Manning revealed that I had over taken a car a little closer than he liked and wanted to charge me with what I believe was reckless endangerment. I asked why he wasn’t stopping the other car because they were going twenty miles under the limit. At this point, he asked if I would like to step out of the vehicle and I responded that I didn’t feel safe doing so. After a back forth, I saw it going no where and drove off. Yes, I should not have drove off, however I feel Mr. Manning has something against me due to his behavior prior to the actual traffic stop. While they pursued my vehicle, someone started chasing them and fired shots. I had no connection in this and was never questioned about it until in holding when Manning profiled us as friends because we wore similar clothes. Sorry for the language, but no shit two people at a biker bar are gonna wear similar clothing. He then proceeded to try and charge me with attempted murder x2 of LEOs when I in fact never fired a single weapon, and had no intention to until they immediately opened fire on me when my van crashed after they shot my tires out in a congested area. Not only did they put my life in danger, they put many locals lives in danger, as well as their own. After they shot me, they gave me no medical treatment whilst I was potentially bleeding out, and two troopers were on scene. After the situation was clear, Mr. Manning was searching for me in his cruiser when he directly ran me over with his cruiser. When I asked them to check both the gun and myself for any residue, I was told he was going to call his superior and never answered that question.

In closing, Mr. Manning completely disregarded my health, profiled me, and targeted me prior to the traffic stop. I ask that SASP assist in payment of my medical bills due to several fractures from the trooper running over my incapacitated body. The final bill was $67,000 without insurance. However, I will be asking for only $10,000.


Mr Stonewall,

I will be investigating this complaint, I will try to schedule an interview with you to get your verbal statement regarding the situation. If you could find a time sutable for yourself I will attempt to get a meeting with either myself or another investigator. I will also be talking to the Trooper in question as well. If you have anything further please direct that to me from this email.

Colonel S.Donohue
SASP Director
San Andreas State Police

Colonel S. Donohue,

I am available any day of the week from 6-9pm EST. The weekends I am around town most of the day. You can reach me by cell at 555-003852 or email me OG_Cush00#[email protected]




Mr Maddox,

I attempted to reach out to you again to move forward but you have not responded. I will be completing this investigation that Trooper Mannings Action in poor taste was reprimanded and unfortunately no major action will be taken as we have not been able to get a response from you.


Colonel S.Donohue