SASP Complaint - 01/17/20

Character name : Ethan O’Connell
Date of Incident : 01/17/2020
Witnesses : Kate Hawthorn ( @KateHawthorne)

Trooper : Trooper Segway and an Unknown Trooper
Evidence : N/A since Police apparently don’t need any to arrest people.
Detailed Description : After a minor incident where I needed medical care my friend took me to Pillbox Hospital where, she called 911 for some help to try and get me into bed. Upon “help” if you can even call it that arriving I was swifting put in handcuffs by Trooper Segway and read my rights. When I questioned why this was happening I was told it was for “Impersonation of a police officer”. I requested multiple times for him to provide me proof and he failed to do so at any time. He then proceeded to escort me out of the hospital where I again requested proof that I was the person behind some bleeter account that he had mentioned. His buddy some unknown trooper who clearly has no grasp of the law, then claimed it was not their job to prove anything and it was left up to the courts.
Considering there is no such court in existence at the moment I fail to see how that statement holds up. Trooper Segway then stated that I was of course the one behind the account based off how annoyed I seemed and my “body language”. I’m not sure how I can have any body language to suggest I am guilty of a crime when I had my hands behind my back in cuffs being held by Trooper Segway.
Upon arriving at Mission Row he still failed to provide me of any such proof of the crime he was accusing me of and proceeded to search my pockets and removed some lockpicks off me. The last time I checked lockpicks were sold at a Hardware store, so I fail to see how his claim that they are “illegal” stands true as the store would not sell them if they were. He also told me that I was a “pocket lawyer” because I was correcting him on the law. The law is written pretty clear in regards to “illegal” items and nowhere does it state that lockpicks are.
The entire incident from start to finish was evidence enough for me to show the incompetence of the SASP. This is now the second negative incident I have had in the same day with this department.

I am requesting at a bare minimum for the SASP to trained on etiquette and how they interact with the public as this is not just based off my own incident.
In addition I was given a $2500 fine for the crime I was accused of and demand I am repaid for the wrongful arrest.
As stated my lockpicks which are not illegal were also removed which was around 5/6 of them costing around $500 in total.
Lastly due to being sent to jail for a crime I had not committed I once again am out of pocket of earnings for the 20 Months I was given.
Based up my usual work load I estimate that I will have lost around $12000 in earnings for the time I was locked up.

I believe this may have been a personal vendetta against me as “Trooper” Segway’s car was accidentally partially damaged a few days ago when I was at a local dealership purchasing a car. This is completely unacceptable and should this be the case I fail to see how someone like that can remain impartial and uphold the law and make people like me feel safe around the State of San Andreas.

Mr O’Connell

Your complaint has been received by the San Andreas State Police Department. This case shall be thoroughly reviewed by the Department’s Internal Affairs. It may take several days before the Department contacts you, but please rest assured that this complaint is being taken seriously.

If you have any further concerns that relate to this incident, please reply directly to this e-mail thread.

Captain C. Bishop
Investigations Bureau
San Andreas State Police

Mr O’Connell,

Due to the errors of the SASP, your debt of $2500 for the fine will be removed and you will be compensated for the $500 cost of the lock picks. If you wish to pursue the estimated earnings claim, you will need to present proof of employment at the time of the sentence and proof of income via bank statements or pay stubs. Please contact me on the government forums or at 555-000671 to arrange a meeting for your entitled compensation.

Captain Bishop
Investigations Bureau
San Andreas State Police