Regarding LSSD MDT

So as you may know, I teased a “soontm” of the MDT. I am pleased to announce that I am now spending my development time working on this project. I wanted to give you all a slight general heading of the project… a roadmap of you would like to say that.
Phase 1 is set up the framework and get a full NCIC up. Part 1 of Phase 1 is complete with the initial framework in place and grounds for the NCIC has been set. NCIC at this time will searchable by character ID and character name. Should more than one name be returned, you may choose which one to look at.
Phase 2 will be integrating reports. Yes, reports, the one thing we all love. This will include arrest, incident, OIS, and ticket reports. The concept is that you will be able to write a report anytime, anywhere, no matter what. The idea of you having to be in game with an active call card is not a “feature” that is conducive to ease of use for the end user (you guys). With that said, call cards will not be a thing. This is not a disparch/call card system. This is basically a lookup then write a report based on that if needed. When an LEO creates a new report, it will generate the report number and have that saved immediately. This will then allow another unit to do what’s called a progressive report almost instantly allowing you to write reports that are in conjunction with the master report. With the reports, this means that we can move away from Google Drive and not have any issues in the future of loss of documents and data.
Phase 3 will be warrants list and I’m toying with the idea of out of game warrants.
Phase 4 will be a roster. I have this so far down on the list right now because I just simply don’t know how I want to approach this.
Phase 5 will be a ticket calculator. Again, this is so far down the list because 1, I don’t know how I quite want to approach/design this and 2, I feel that other features are more important and we all have pen, paper, and math + calculators on phones and computers to help if needed.

At this time, no suggestions will be taken. Suggestions will only be allowed for the current version of what exists. I work at my own pace and being bombarded with suggestions especially with things that haven’t come to fruition will only delay me. If I need suggestions I will be sure to ask you all. As features roll out, there will channels of communication opened up for you to report bugs, request features/suggestions and for ypu to see my progress. I look forward to this project!