Player Report - IC name Sadie Johnson

In the post you will use the following format for your appeal;

Player you are reporting: Sadie Johnson ID#4121

Date of incident: 26/6

Time of incident (EST): ~1700

Your in-game name: Mikhail Smirnov

Other witnesses: Sergei Yakubov, Soshal Distonce

Has there been a attempt to contact the reported player (Yes/No): Yes at the time

Rule Broken (Server Rules) FailRP, NVL

How was the rule broken?: She was held up, pulled her gun against three, and once downed she got onto her phone as I was trying to search and kidnap her, called police and explained the situation. I asked her to get off the phone and shot again, she then told police that it was her choice to perma but she was calling the police instead because we were stealing her car, telling them that it was the russians and describing our characters. This is the third time we’ve had similar issues with her, almost exactly this happened at Carcer a few weeks back.

Evidence: image

All I have unfortunately as we had to leave due to police.

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Sadie knew the russians were there. BEfore Sadie even went into the hospital saw one. So she had sat in her car till he went around the corner while talking on the radio. As Sadie was going into the hospital she put away her hatchet and got her gun out knowing something was off when she saw the man on his radio at the end of the hospital/police station. As sadie got in to bed she had texted Gingy that something was going on and she didnt feel comfortable and she had thought it was the russians. So as Sadie came out of the hospital she saw three people on the other side of her car as she unlocked it. Then relocked it drawing her gun. That is when three people came around telling her dont shot. That is when Sadie shot. That is when Sadie actually heard it was the russians and was taken out in one shot. Sadie had already dialed 911 because no one was coming in the hospital to even do anything. At the point of me telling them where I was is when they came to loot while another was lockpicking my car and getting in and taking off that is when I started telling them where they were going. At that point is where I was so pissed because of the message above that I said I am not permaing and they arent allowed to make me as you continued to shoot. I have already talked to two staff members about this.

I was the one on the radio, you had a hatched out, as you came out you had nothing in your hands until we pointed guns and you pulled yours out.

There was no attempt to force perma. The attempt was to take your phone as you were calling the police.

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I wasnt trying to perma you, I was trying to get you off the phone to police in the middle of an interaction whilst im trying to search/kidnap you


As I said I already discussed with staff so as far as I am with this I am done. Great Job guys

Agree with the report
This is the 3rd time we have had this happen

SO seems how you want to say its the third time you have had problems.

1: CAme and was talking to Billy and I who were still sitting in our locked cars having a conversation and then you all 4 arrived. We conversated with you 4 in which all were more focused on me than the fact that there were two of us there. We never got out of our cars period. When I stated I was nervous you guys all wanted to say good that is a good thing. I then implied that no its not and to please get out from around my car. Billy then went to drive off because one of the 4 of you said “OK this is talking to long guys.” At that point we both started to drive away and there was someone “waking up” as you started to shot at us both. At that point You took the person waking up and not even acting on Billy or I being there.

2: Jeffery, Mr.Pew, Billy and I all were discussing with JEffery what had happened earlier while we were standing in Carcer. Jeffery had just told us that 4 guys matching what we had just told him tried taking him hostage at Leigon right before he came to talk to us. At that very point the car he had just described slowly passed through Carcer. You guys at that point had to only have went around the block because you “cruised” through slowly again and he said again " THey must really be wanting one of you" At that point yes I did draw my gun. No one shot in my eyes and I was immediately downed. Then I heard shots fired and that is when I saw Billy go down again. then Mr Pew, Then Jeffery. Then as soon as the cops show up you come down the stairs and you take Allen hostage and rob us all.

So again as far as I am concerned I have interacted. If you want to call people pulling guns on me before I do have a gun out a NVL or FailRP when I had spoke that is your problem. I have spoke to two staff members. As a First time RPer going way out of a comfort zone thanks for turning me off to it.

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