Player Report - Gammeloni [Under Staff Review]

Player you are reporting: Gammelonni

Date of incident: 12/04/20

Time of incident (EST): 1:16am

Your in-game name: Cletus Warren

Other witnesses: @BvNASTY @LadyHavok

Has there been a attempt to contact the reported player (Yes/No): Yes, screenshots will be shared below.

Rule Broken (Server Rules) FailRP / Abuse of SAFR commands

How was the rule broken?: While at Dwayne’s shop I got downed after getting squished by my motorcycle. Both LadyHavoc and BVNasty were there while I was down. I was actively RPing with both of them when all of a sudden I was med evac’d. I planned to get RP out of it with some other people. I received no warning or form of contact prior to the evac, nor did I ask for it. The RP was forced to an end when I was evac’d.


Reported player has 24 hours to respond before topic is moved to staff review.

Like explained in help chat - when we go 42 and a player is downed, they get stuck and can’t respawn on their own.

I also technically didn’t call the evac, but it was under my supervision. Please make sure to post all the facts when posting screenshots.

There have been many occasions before where he threatened medics as well. Just before we had a talk with Jolene from the bankrobbery that told us the same. We were not going alone there (amongst going 42 just at that moment) and police was busy with a 10-80 at that moment. So we would not have been able to go there quickly.

The only thing I should have done better is inform the person beforehand that we were going off duty and telling them that we would medevac them otherwise they would have been lying there for quite some time IF police would have even gotten around to pick them up.



Reported Party has Replied. This current player report is now under Staff Review.
*No action will be taken towards the reported party. The issue of having evacced out of RP is being looked into by staff and we are going to work on a feature to change this. Apologies for the RP this may have stopped for you and it will get changed.