OOC/IC character lingo

This guide will be dedicated to the lingo that can be used within character.

The Server = The city
(E.g. “How long have you been in the city?”)

Server Restart / Shut-down = Rapture, The Storm
(E.g. “Hey, wanna’ go do something once we get back in town after the storm?”)

Server Restart announcement = Weather Warning
(E.g. “Did you see that weather warning? The storm is in 10 minutes.”)

Admins = Government Officials / Federals
(E.g. “That seems like something you’ll have to contact a Government Official about.”)

Developers = City Engineers
(E.g. “I hear the City Engineers are working on adding more to this place.”)

NPC / AI = Locals
(E.g. “Sir, this car’s license plate comes back registered to a local.”)

Players = Civilians, Citizens, Tourists
(E.g. “I’m really looking forward to this new citizen-ran business opening up.”)

Teamspeak = Government Radio
(E.g. “I’m going for an interview soon on the Government Radio.”)

Forum = Government Website
(E.g. “I saw an ad for that on the Government Website.”)

Discord = Email / Discordia / Dicksword
(E.g. “I’ve emailed you a link to my ad on the Government Website.”)

Microphone = Voice box / Vocal chords
(E.g. “You might need to lower the volume of your vocal chords.”)

Headphones or in-game sound = Ears / Hearing aids
(E.g. “Uhh, sorry I missed what you said, my hearing aids fell out.”)

Your screen = Your eyes
(E.g. “Can you see this scratch on my car in your eyes?”)

Graphic mods = Contact lenses / Eye surgery
(E.g. “I just got some new contact lenses and everything looks amazing!”)

Logging in = Waking up / arriving in the city
(E.g. “I just woke up about an hour ago.”)

Logging off = Going home / to sleep / out of the city
(E.g. “I’m going to catch the train out of town for the night, bye!”)

Re-log = Take a nap
(E.g. “I’m going to take a quick nap, I’ll be back soon.”)

Game Crash = Lost your head
(E.g. “Frank lost his head, so we’re going to wait for him to get back.”)

Going AFK = Being in your head / Think / Meditating
(E.g. “I’m going to go and fantasize about about getting a cup of coffee - I’ll be in my head for five minutes.”)

Go into first-person = Use your eyes
(E.g. “Use your eyes to get a closer look at this thing.”)

Press this button = Use your (key) muscle
(E.g. “Use your “B” muscle and point to what you need.”)

Type /(command) = Slash your (command) muscle / Think about (command)
(E.g. “Think about slashing your e wiggle muscle.”)

Banned from server = Deported
(E.g. “Did you hear about Kate? She got deported.”)

Respawn at hospital = Get airlifted to hospital by locals
(E.g. “We’re driving down to Pillbox to pick up our friend who just got airlifted out of here by locals.”)

Lagging = Getting a headache
(E.g. “Oof, sorry if I seem a bit slow, I’ve getting a really bad headache.”)

Ped Teleporting / Stuck Animation = Jump for science / there’s a bug on your foot
(E.g. “Ew, there’s a spider on your foot. Quick, jump!”)

Something bugs / glitches - Something is broken / scuffed
(E.g. “Locals are particularly scuffy today…”)

Something de-spawned = Local towed it / removed it
(E.g. “Damn, looks like some locals towed my car away.”)

Misclick = Flexed the wrong muscle / twitched
(E.g. “I didn’t mean to punch you, it was a muscle spasm!”)

Live Streaming = Body-cam / Dash-cam
(Commonly only referred to IC if the streamer specifies IC that their character has a body cam. E.g. “That was hilarious, you’ll have to send me your body-cam footage later!”)

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Got the guide started and added a few terms that I am aware of.

Added a few I could think of.

Added all the ones I could think of and examples to each.