NPC's run off when they call for weed

1.Is it game breaking yes/no: No idea
2. Date: 6/26/2020
3. Time: Varied
4. Detailed description of what happened: When npc’s/locals call for orders they can run off when approaching to close. This is not the effect where they steal your item from you but more so react as if they are running from attack.
5. Are you able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Depend’s I feel it is how close you are to the npc
6. Is someone else able to reproduce it? (Y/N): I would hope so. This is a reoccurring issue
7. Please provide the steps to reproduce the bug: Obtain a local customer of the area by selling them weed (as this is the only drug I have or know about) when they come to you I would say play with the spacing. I have been in areas where I thought I gave great space to trigger the action but instead they run off. Also be advised that they would also not get out of their vehicals sometimes
a. Step #1:
b. Step #2:
c. Step #3:
d. *Please add more steps as needed

  1. Evidence: So I deleted my videos (for poor audio) so currently no proof at the moment
    a. *Screenshots/video showing the bug and how to reproduce it.

*Disclaimer: If the staff team is unable to reproduce the bug report based on the report provided, we may ask you for more details or simply close out the report to be submitted again in the future. If you are unable to reproduce the bug or have not experienced the bug multiple times, we highly recommend waiting until a second occurrence before reporting.

This is on purpose, they are “snitches”.


Thanks, I thought that was a bug