New Visuals for your eye balls

Hey there everyone. So I have been personally working on this little visual file of mine for the past 8 ish months. It has taken a lot of back and forth from myself and my testers to get to this point. I can pretty much say that this will be the final product… for now. I have a hard time leaving the mod alone because I always feel like SOMETHING can be improved somewhere. perfectionist

So first thing is first. Here is the GDrive where the file is located. You will find many files. The one in question is “Not for the faint of heart computers” Inside this file you will see a citizen.rar and a ENB series folder. You need to download BOTH of these files.

Using whatever zip program you have, Winrar, 7Zip… exc. Don’t do anything further with the file just yet.
Your next step is to for best and easiest results delete your FiveM and reinstall it brand new. You can find your location of this by simply right clicking on your FiveM launcher and going to “Open file location”
Back up one folder in the top patch location so you can easily delete all the FiveM files and redownload from here if you have forgotten the website…

Now you can install FiveM again, Once it is installed and launched, right click on FiveM and click on “Open file location” once more. Double click on Application Data and inside this you will see a file called Citizen. Take this file and completely delete it.

Go back to where you downloaded my file and drag both ENB and Citizen files into your Application Data.

One more housekeeping thing to do is to delete your Cache.XML file. This is needed because you have a set download of FiveM files, and you have just changed a LOT of them. Almost 3 gigs worth of files. So if you do not do this last step. FiveM will not launch at all…

To do this, Open your FiveM application data once more and look for this file in the mix of files under the folders.
It is almost always going to be at nearly the bottom of the list, you can tell which it is by the description, logo, and file size. It stands out like a sore thumb…

Now you just launch FiveM and have fun!!

(Side note: It is best to have MSAA to at least 4X and PostFX to either Ultra or Very High)

Here are some screenshots for reference


Omg! This looks so nice! :heart_eyes:

I love you Morg, and your beautiful mods!!!

Looks good. Random hardly noticeable lighting texture flickers every once in a while. - Did the clean uninstall of fivem before installing. did the citizen and enb as stated in your post. No other mods installed.

Looks so good! My eyeballs love this!

Alright everyone, Just spent another 4 hours on this thing fixing it for the night club… Please if you are using it, update the citizen file and report any issues back to me. Thank you

Will certainly give it a try. Interesting. Previous citizen that I used was 39MB compressed and 78MB uncompressed. This new one is over 900MB uncompressed.

them police lights tho :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: