Motorcycle rims changing

1.Is it game breaking yes/no: No
2. Date: 17/18th of June
3. Time: 21:36
4. Detailed description of what happened: I changed the Rims of my Chopper and whenever someone else jumps on it they turn into the default rims and colour. And then when I go into the Customs and navigate to the front and back wheel it changes the rims in my game to the ones I chose, but for others they are still red.
5. Are you able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Yes
6. Is someone else able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Yes
7. Please provide the steps to reproduce the bug:
a. Step #1: Get off the bike.
b. Step #2: Let someone else jump on it.
c. Step #3: Poof, it happened.
d. *Please add more steps as needed

  1. Evidence:
    a. *Screenshots/video showing the bug and how to reproduce it.
    I don’t have any footage for it as of now, but I’ll try to get it soon.
    *Disclaimer: If the staff team is unable to reproduce the bug report based on the report provided, we may ask you for more details or simply close out the report to be submitted again in the future. If you are unable to reproduce the bug or have not experienced the bug multiple times, we highly recommend waiting until a second occurrence before reporting.

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