Locals won't spawn in gang areas or where players are

1.Is it game breaking yes/no: No
2. Date: 6/23/2020
3. Time: 4:20 pm akst
4. Detailed description of what happened: When going to normally populated areas the local population would start the dwindle or flat disappear if players were in the area. They would only respawn if an admin would enter area as it would seem.
5. Are you able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Yes
6. Is someone else able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Yes
7. Please provide the steps to reproduce the bug: Have anyone who isn’t a admin enter the area and the population should drop or disappear before entering the area.
a. Step #1:
b. Step #2:
c. Step #3:
d. *Please add more steps as needed

  1. Evidence:
    a. *Screenshots/video showing the bug and how to reproduce it.

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