Department of Justice [Help Wanted]


San Andreas Department of Justice

Is hiring around six well minded/rounded individuals who show interest within the government’s law processes and due process of justice.
Positions Available:
  • Judge
  • District Attorney
  • Defense Attorney


  • Must be 18 years or old
  • Cannot have any felony charges and cannot have excessive misdemeanors charges [Judged on case-by-case]
  • Must pass the SA BAR EXAM.


  • Free education (Paid by the state) on constitutional law,case law and everything required within the “SA BAR EXAM”.


  • Any Applicant that applies is not fully guaranteed a position and strictly hinges on his/her performance in the SA BAR EXAM & his/her general conduct.

If you are interested fill out this application! Apply Here!


San Andreas Department of Justice

OOC Information:
  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must be in good standing within NDG. [Case by Case basis]
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The Department of Justice is still looking for more people that are interested.

We will start with a traffic court in the near future if the positions above are getting staffed.