1.Is it game breaking yes/no: no
2. Date: 6-23-2020
3. Time: 7:17pm EST
4. Detailed description of what happened: When i take the CTSV out i noticed in the garage it always says NULL even after being announced “null” was fix it still shows it & the tag number on the car is sometimes there and sometimes it isnt plus when i go and try to park the car in the garage every time it gives me a error message as “you cannot park this vehicle”
5. Are you able to reproduce it? (Y/N): Y
6. Is someone else able to reproduce it? (Y/N): not sure
7. Please provide the steps to reproduce the bug:
a. Step #1: garage list its listed as NULL
b. Step #2: license plate isnt there
c. Step #3:
d. *Please add more steps as needed

  1. Evidence:
    a. *Screenshots/video showing the bug and how to reproduce it.

*Disclaimer: If the staff team is unable to reproduce the bug report based on the report provided, we may ask you for more details or simply close out the report to be submitted again in the future. If you are unable to reproduce the bug or have not experienced the bug multiple times, we highly recommend waiting until a second occurrence before reporting.

There is a “Ticket Support” section near the top of the list in the NDG discord that will probably be a much bigger help as this is case specific than an overall bug report. I did that with a scuffed vehicle I had, and they fixed it there within a day or two. Just click on the channl and follow the instructions.

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*Your bug report has been resolved and will be implemented in the near future