Banking and Welfare


To do simple banking you can use the following commands /balance (BankID) to see the amount stored on your account. Use /transfer (BankID1) (BankID2) (Amount) to wire a small amount of money (up to $250). Any further banking will have to be done at the bank itself. At any bank press E and a menu will appear and you can now transfer money, withdraw/deposit, or make/manage accounts. You can also withdraw money (up to $2000) at an ATM. Use /atm to show all ATM’s on the map, do it again to hide them. Have you ever wanted a shared bank account? Well lucky for you this is a thing! People with access will only be able to put money in and take money out while other managers will be able to do that and add other people.


City hall can be located at North Rockford Drive / Marathon Avenue. This is where you will pick up your welfare checks. Simply walk up to the door and press E to open the welfare menu and from there you can pick up your paycheck. Checks are distributed every 5 minutes.